Crypto Market

Apple Co-founder Says Bitcoin Is The Web’s New Currency

Stephen Gary Wozniak a.k.a Steve Wozniak, often referred to by the nickname Woz, is an American inventor, electronics engineer,...
June 12, 2018

You Could Be Mining Cryptocurrency For a Stranger

There’s something new to add to your fun mental list of invisible internet dangers. Joining classic favorites like adware...
June 11, 2018

Pornhub Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

THE ADULT WEBSITE Pornhub has of late taken pride in being something of a pioneer. A year ago, it implemented HTTPS encryption,...
June 9, 2018

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Online Transactions

Cryptocurrency prices such as Bitcoin have skyrocketed, growing over 750% in value in just 12 months, according to The Guardian...
June 8, 2018

TapJets Follow-UP! The Payments In Litecoin & Ripple

Digital Currencies or Virtual currencies are on Bull Run to change the payment gateway with easy to use and easy to verified pa...
May 24, 2018